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Savez pčelarskih organizacija Srbije

SPOS Ul. Dr Agostina Neta 30 A, 11070 Novi Beograd [email protected] 011/61-28-071 060/444-0-121 060/444-0-124 060/444-0-287





Never hosted APIMONDIA Congress for over 120 years long history and Apimondia family should give equal opportunity to all destinations to show their beekeeping to the world.



5.9 people per beehives makes Serbia the number 1 in the world having in mind number of people and beehive ratio and one of the fastest growing destinations in the world.



Location, Easy access and no visa – In driving distance from many big beekeeping regions like Balkan Region, Turkey, Poland, Romania etc. Discounted flights for all delegates. Easy access and no visa for all Europe, China, UAE and others. 



Affordable city that saves delegates money – Belgrade is one of the least expensive congress destinations in Europe. Best registrations and hotels rates will be provided to all. Not to forget, all registered delegates will receive a special discount from Air Serbia.



Cosmopolitan, new and interesting destination for APIMONDIA delegates – Belgrade is the world city that offers numerous opportunities for entertainment and tourism. Serbia is a multi-cultural country, with variety of large religions, including Orthodox, Catholic, Islam, Protestantism, Judaism…



Technical site visits – We will organise technical tours for Apimondia Congress delegates to join and discover more about our beekeeping industry and local beekeepers. We have prepared some surprises and beekeeping solutions and products people will see for the first time. One specially prepared technical tour is a free of charge for Apimondia member society representatives.



Venue – our Belgrade Fair (one of the biggest and prestige fairs in this part of the Europe) is located only 15 minutes from the Airport and 5-10 minutes from city centre and all the hotels. You will not waste time in traveling to/from Congress and ApiExpo. 



In the last 10 years we have made Belgrade a hub for all beekeepers in the region, which is why every year our Annual State Beekeeping Fair is growing, both in size and quality, with over 10,000 visitors. That is the reason why great visitation is guaranteed for Apimondia 2021 in Belgrade.